Review: Reading Between the Lines: Volume 1


Today’s post is a little different, but I recently wrote a short review of this book for the Scottish Free Church Books.

Below is an adapted version of that review, and hopefully an encouragement to those who might pick up this book to dive in and give it a go.

Reading Between the Lines: Volume 1 is a collection of 181 daily readings, taking the reader on a whistle stop tour through the Old Testament.

Whilst Reading Between The Lines takes you from the first to the thirty-eighth book of the Old Testament, journeying through history books, law, poetry and prophecy, the theme is consistent throughout. Glen’s daily studies reinforce the wonderful Gospel truth at the heart of all Scripture. From the majesty of the Lord as creator, to the anguish of David in the Psalms, Glen points the reader to our triune God in a reflective, genuine and emotive manner. Each reflection is short enough to be managed in the morning before work, or the evening before bed, yet not so short as to be devoid of good, solid spiritual truth.

Glen has written a helpful book of short studies that guide the reader through the whole story of the Old Testament, reinforcing the truths of who our glorious God is, and who we are before and in Him.

Overall, I would encourage readers who want to explore the Old Testament in their quiet times to grab a copy of this book, and to humbly approach God’s word. I found this book a helpful exercise in seeing the majesty of Christ displayed throughout the Old Testament, and I look forward to seeing that theme reflected in Volume 2. Often we can be daunted by the diverse and seemingly inaccessible range of writings in the Old Testament. It can be easy to avoid the trickier passages or books, or the books that are less often preached on. Reading Between The Lines takes the reader through the journey of the Old Testament, with the Gospel salvation story explored at the heart of it. If the Old Testament is something you’d like to explore further, or something you’re afraid of going near, I would heartily recommend this big book of short reflections to get you thinking about it in a helpful way.

Glen’s book can be easily purchased online –

Glen Scrivener is the Director of Speak Life, check them out here:

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