Book Review: Hebrews, An Anchor for the Soul, Michael Kruger (GBC 2021).

New this month from The Good Book Company, Hebrews, An Anchor for the Soul is the latest set of devotions in the Good Book Guides series. Released alongside Kruger’s new Hebrews For You (full review to follow on this blog shortly) this set of eight studies, for personal or group use, is another useful resource from The Good Book Company.

The eight studies within this booklet are adapted from Kruger’s new commentary, and are a great guide to help you work through the New Testament letter to the Hebrews. Kruger wants his reader to see that this is a letter written by an author who clearly loves the Lord Jesus, and his eight studies seek to help the believer share in this eyes-wide-open adoration.

Other than the first study (which is focused solely on chapter one) all eight studies require a lengthy chunk of Scripture to be read, but this has the benefit of enabling the entire letter to be explored through this short series of studies. I know of several Bible Study groups that use these notes regularly, and this new set on Hebrews would be a great resource for them.

Whilst the probing nature of Kruger’s questions means that these studies could be helpful for personal reflection, the combination of the lengthy Leader’s Guide and the way in which many questions invite further conversation suggest that these would be most beneficial in a small group setting. One particularly commendable feature of Kruger’s studies is that the questions both explore the first century context of these Hebrew believer, explaining this clearly, whilst also translating that into a challenge for our twenty-first century context. This is a particular strength, and illustrates the depth to which Kruger has wrestled with this epistle as he has prepared these two new books. If you’re planning the next term or season for your small group Bible study, these would be fantastic notes to consider.

Hebrews, An Anchor for the Soul is available from The Good Book Company.

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