Is congregational singing historical?

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I read an interesting article yesterday, entitled ‘Is congregational singing dead?‘ In it, the author questioned whether a perceived decline in congregational singing in churches across America signalled the end of this historic aspect of gathered Christian worship. Except, the author pointed out, it wasn’t that historic at all. In fact, Christians gathering to sing together had roots that only stretched back about five hundred years. The author claimed that “like the hymnal, the mainline churches, and Lutherans, congregational singing is a product of the Protestant Reformation.”

I don’t really understand the issue the article (from the Plough magazine) addressed; in my experience of church in the UK congregational singing is alive and well, and often a joy and comfort to be a part of. I’m not American, so maybe I am just very out of touch with things that side of the Atlantic. That said, I’m currently…

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