About Me

After completing an undergraduate degree in Ancient History at Durham University, and a Masters in Classics at St Andrews, I am now studying for my PhD at King’s College London. Having taken a year out of academia to work in the City of London, I began my PhD in October 2020, researching the use of pagan literature as a tool in Early Christian evangelism.

I’ve been a Christian all my life, knowing and trusting in Jesus as far back as I can remember, but for me one of the biggest moments in my story was recognising the need for a personal relationship with Jesus when on a Christian sports camp some 10 years ago.

From there I have grown in my faith and am excited to serve in my local church, as well as to continue to see how I can use my research in Classics to serve God’s wider Church and glorify His name.

I’m passionate about Church History, and in particular the Early Church. I think there’s a lot we can learn from them, and a lot of truth that remains just as relevant today as it was 1800 years ago.

Have a look around, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Ed Creedy

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About the Blog

I started this blog as my time at St Andrews came to an end in 2019. I think there’s a lot to learn from the Early Church, and wanted to keep engaged with the history and study of this period even as I stepped away from academia for the year.

My hope for the blog is that it points people to Jesus, through either notes on the history of the Early Church, or through reviews of books that I’ve been reading.

These early centuries of Church History saw schisms, heresies, conversions, challenges, successes, church plants, theological clarification, cannon creation and so much more. Have a look around and dive into some of my posts, the aim is to be both informative and engaging!

I am always happy to write or speak about the topics touched upon in this blog, so don’t hesitate to reach out if I could be of help in some way.