Other Writing

Sometimes I produce articles, book reviews, or content elsewhere. Find below a selection of these from across the web.

Published Writing

‘Stable Disruptions: Furlough, Unemployment, Front Line and Our Constant Call’, in Healthy Faith and the Coronavirus Crisis (IVP, 2020)

The paperback is available here: https://ivpbooks.com/healthy-faith-and-the-coronavirus-crisis

Articles and Blogs

Tyndale House Ink Magazine: Scripture and the Shepherd of Hermas: Have We Got Our Bibles Wrong?

Evangelical Magazine: Sharing the Gospel – learning from the early Christians

Christian Today: Why we need to care more about Early Church History

Christian Today: The Mayflower and the enduring hope of freedom

Christian History Institute: True Friendship: the Art of Authenticity

IVP Blog: 10 Reasons to Read about Church History

LookforHope: When I’ve just lost my job or my employment is uncertain…

Book Reviews

Evangelicals Now (Feb 2021): Life in a Covid-19 World

Free Church Books: A Help in Grief

Free Church Books: Reading Between the Lines (Vol 1: OT)

Free Church Books: Reading Between the Lines (Vol 2: NT)

Free Church Books: Is it True? The Resurrection of Jesus