Ten Church Fathers to Start Off With

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Last week, I suggested that reading the Church Fathers would be a tool to strengthen your reformed theology. During the week, I had several friends ask for a list of Early Christian writings with which to start. So here is a rough amalgamation of a few lists I sent out to friends.

Ask any patristics scholar who and what to read and you’ll get a myriad of different answers, so whilst this is by no means exhaustive, it should be a nice introduction to the writings of the Early Church.

  1. Epistle to Diognetus (c.130 AD.) This anonymous work is a great example of some of the earliest Christian apologetics, a genre that had its beginnings in the mid second century AD.
    An online edition can be found here.
  2. Irenaeus, On the Apostolic Preaching (c.180 AD.) Another second century text, this is a great introduction to the Fathers. Short, Scriptural…

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